• Protection
  • Patient comfort
  • No cross contamination
  • Equipment preservation from grasper damage

Isiris α single use, single hand, single visit solution for stent removal in adults 


Patient and staff safety is a concern for all healthcare organisations. Both groups are at risk from contaminated instruments while re-processing employees are also potentially exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Isiris α protects patients and staff from the risk linked to re-processing and cross-contamination:

  • Re-processing staff at risk from hazardous
  • Cleaning & disinfection failures – cross contamination3,4,5,6,7
  • High cross infection risk to other
  • Infection risk to clinical and re-processing staff from contaminated cystoscopes1
Isiris concept_safety_equipment preservation

Preservation and comfort

Isiris α protects patients and staff and preserves standard equipment as it is sterile and single use. Isiris α provides the patient comfort acceptability of flexible cystoscopy.

  • Isiris α reduces delays in stent removal in adults 
  • Isiris α is a flexible scope; stent removal by this method is well tolerated by young men12
  • Using Isiris α for stent removal preserves expensive re-usable equipment quality for other more demanding procedures

Features & Value

  • Isiris α is sterile and single use
    Patients and staff are protected from the risks of cross contamination. Infected patients can be isolated from re-usable equipment.
  • Isiris α allows recording
    Video and still images of the procedure for the patient record.
  • Isiris α is a unique flexible cystoscope solution for stent removal in adults 
    Which is better tolerated by patient compared to rigid cystoscope.
  • Isiris α extends the life cycle of expensive re-usable endoscopy equipment
    Standard cystoscopes are required less frequently for JJ stent removal, preserving quality by reducing usage.

Our environment

Whenever we develop a new product, environmental concerns are an important consideration right from the start. Our choice of ingredients, materials and processes involves an assessment of the environmental impact of the new product.

Last updated: October 2016