• Resource saving
  • Staff time
  • Reprocessing and maintenance
  • Operating capacity

A new approach to JJ stent removal in adults through innovation for the benefits of patients, clinicians and provider organisations


The implications and cost of ureteral stent removal are rarely considered or evaluated by hospitals. The standard procedure demands organisation scheduling and consumes time, staff and resources that are generally in short supply.


Equipment re-processing










Isiris α optimises stent removal in adults by avoiding re-processing costs and provides clinical flexibility to improve the patient experience. As a sterile, single use device Isiris α is available anywhere at any time and reduces the risks of cross-contamination.

  • Sterile and ready to use at any time – no additional appointments or out of hours waiting
  • No procedure delays due to standard equipment re-processing or availability
  • Releases time in busy specialist departments
  • Easily transferable to any convenient location
  • Autonomy for the urologist – no assistant required
  • Quick and easy set up and disposal
Isiris_Optimisation_sterile and ready to use stent removal

Features & Value

  • Isiris α means JJ stents can be removed by the urologist independently
    Additional appointments are often not required so providing time for other patient related activity and reducing administration. There is no requirement for a trained assistant to be available.
  • Isiris α is a single use device
    With no need for cleaning and disinfection, Isiris α reduces staff workload in re-processing departments. No maintenance, repairs or re-processing delays enables planned stent removal determined by clinical choice, not equipment availability.
  • Isiris α allows JJ stent removal in adults at any time
    Out of hours stent removal can be performed at short notice in a setting that benefits both the urologist and the patient. Patient admission and delayed discharges may be avoided.
  • Isiris α provides operating flexibility
    Stent removal can be undertaken anywhere so releasing limited time and specialist equipment for other procedures in dedicated operating or endoscopy areas. Isiris α reduces demands for capital equipment and operating time.

Last updated: October 2016