Why Isiris?

Urologists know that JJ stent removal is a simple, fast and standard procedure but it demands cumbersome organisation of patient appointments, location, staff and equipment.

Standard stent removal needs to be performed in a specific location with the necessary equipment and an assistant must be available.

All cystoscopes require re-processing before next use. Re-processing may result in unavailability of equipment, delaying other procedures. Rigorous re-processing standards require complex and costly hospital organisation involving staff, time and facilities; despite this, the risk of cross-contamination always remains.

Removing stents outside working hours or in different areas is challenging.

That’s why JJ stent removal must usually be scheduled in advance, exactly like more complex cystoscopy procedures. Generally, the patient has to wait for stent removal and return for an extra hospital visit, even if removal is clinically indicated.

Isiris has been designed to address all these issues. Isiris is a solution specifically developed for safe, convenient, single operator stent removal anywhere, at any time. Isiris gives urologists freedom to operate and saves resources for more clinically demanding procedures.


Cystoscopic stent removal normally requires specialist equipment and accessories. In addition to the flexible or rigid cystoscope, a video system complete with monitor is required for visualisation and a grasper is needed to capture the stent.
This equipment is expensive to buy and repair as it is vulnerable to damage during both the procedure and re-processing. Due to the high costs involved, the amount of equipment available is often restricted so limiting the number of procedures that can be performed. Each stent removal procedure means that the equipment is not available for other more complex and demanding procedures.
As an integrated single solution, Isiris meets all the equipment needs (cystoscope, video system, grasper) to perform the procedure easily in almost any place, at any time. Isiris is easy to set up and requires almost no change in procedural practice.


Urologists traditionally need a trained assistant, usually a nurse, to manipulate the grasper to capture the stent. This simple procedure therefore requires two members of staff; the availability of suitability experienced assistance, who may be taken away from other more complex procedures, requires specific scheduling and organisation.
Isiris α can be used by a single operator without the need for a “third hand”. The integrated Isiris grasper and deflection mechanisms are operated using one hand only. Isiris allows JJ stent removal in adults to be performed without an assistant so giving the urologist independence and making stent removal quicker and more efficient.


Standard stent removal procedures are often restricted to a dedicated room, generally an endoscopy room, due to the requirement for a video system. This location often operates within restricted hours so a specific appointment has to be made for the patient. Moving equipment outside this area, particularly at short notice, is an organisational issue to most hospitals.
Isiris α is a single use, portable device that can be used immediately, anywhere. There is no need for a dedicated room and stent removal in adults is not restricted to standard operating hours.


Even if stent removal is a simple and fast procedure, equipment has to be reprocessed each time after use. This demands complex organisation and quality monitoring, dedicated equipment and facilities as well as available trained staff. Despite this, the risk of cross-contamination remains.
Isiris α is a single use device. With no need for cleaning and disinfection, Isiris α reduces staff workload in re-processing departments. No maintenance, repairs or re-processing delays enable planned stent removal determined by clinical choice, not equipment availability.


Delays in removing stents cause disappointment to patients and the risk of discomfort, infection and complications increases. Patients tolerate stent removal using flexible cystoscopy better and prefer to avoid admission to highly technical departments if a less formal environment is offered.

Patients are also increasingly aware of the risks of cross infection and have hygiene concerns about the use of reusable equipment.

Isiris α allows JJ stent removal in adults at any time. Out of hours stent removal can be performed at short notice in a setting that benefits both the urologist and the patient, and the risk of cross-contamination is reduced.

isiris concept single use stent removal

Last updated: October 2016

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