Discover all the innovative features of Isiris α

Imaging and performance

. Complete solution with a fully integrated digital imaging system with a flexible cystoscope and grasper for a safe and an easy stent removal

Single use quality

. Protection of patient from the risks of cystoscopy cross-contamination
. Preserve reusable equipment from breakages
. A new device always available for each procedure

Reducing stent removal delay

. Possibility to perform the procedure “in house” consultation and outpatient setting due to the integrated grasper and the portable monitor
. Facilitation of the DJ stent removal planning
. Decrease of the indwelling time and reduction of DJ removal delays
. Increase capacity in endoscopic or operative room for more elective procedures

Cost effective solution

. Cost transparency thanks to the single use property
. More control on direct and indirect expenses accross different departments
. Removal of reprocessing, maintenance and repairs costs

Find out how Isiris α can make a difference

How could Isiris α improve the quality of care of your patient?

Unlike the 19.5% of reusable flexible cystoscopes which are non-compliant after reprocessing1, Isiris α is a sterile solution.

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What could be the impact on your budget by adopting Isiris α?

Using Isiris α in an outpatient setting reduces significantly the overall cost of the procedure2, 3.

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How could Isiris α improve your organisational efficiency?

Simplicity of the set up, allows the procedure to be transfered to outpatient areas, Isiris α thus enables a more efficient hospital workflow.

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What about technical and clinical performances of Isiris α compared to digital reusable scope technology?

Light, easy to transport and to set up, Isiris α would avoid you the need for a reusable cystoscope, video column and grasper when performing a DJ stent removal. Also, this device has a technical performance comparable to other digital flexible reusable cystoscopes for DJ removal4.

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How could Isiris α improve waiting time for cancer follow-up?

Isiris α allows to reduce the overbooking of the operating rooms/endoscopy rooms and help hospitals to reduce the diagnostic and cancer follow-up delays.

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How could Isiris α improve the management of transplanted patients?

With an increasing need for sterile instruments, Isiris α appears a good way of improving patients’ care conditions. As a population, transplanted patients are considered at risk. Considering stents retrievals, immuni-depressed patients could be subject to several difficulties.

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Are you wondering about the environmental impact of Isiris α?

Download the environmental and disposal information


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