What is Isiris?

Safe and easy stent removal anywhere, any time

Isiris α is an innovative digital solution to the challenges associated with standard JJ stent removal; Isiris α is a single use flexible cystoscope, with an integrated grasper, which connects to a portable monitor to produce digital quality visualization and image recording. Isiris α provides clinicians with the choice and opportunity to remove JJ stents in adults in almost any place at any time.


Why Isiris?

Continuing Innovation in Endourology

Isiris is the latest innovation developed by Coloplast in response to challenges identified by endourologists. Other recent product introductions include: ReTrace®, ImajinTM silicon hydrogel ureteral stent, Dormia® No Tip, HiLineTM, In-Ka®

What Isiris users say…

« A single use handed, single visit solution for stent removal. »
Mr Daron SMITH, University College London Hospital, UK, June 2016
« With ISIRIS we will be able to better accommodate the removal of Double J in our agenda. Quality of image, grasper functionality and mobility of the system are an important value for a hospital like ours which is outside the major centers. »
Dr Pedro Galego, Espirito Santo Hospital, Portugal, June 2016
« In this hospital they are suffering from damage of cystoscopes & the long process of sterilization. So, they found ISIRIS a perfect solution for JJ removal specially the vision of National Guard Hospital is to shift to single use products when available. »
Dr Saeed Al-Qahtani, National Guard Hospital, Saudi Arabia, June 2016

Last updated: October 2016